Life is a unique blend of diverse experiences that shape who we are. Reflecting on my childhood, it was a time characterized by the infusion of values, abundant fun, and pure joy. It was an era untouched by the pervasive reach of technology, allowing us to immerse ourselves fully in simpler pleasures and find happiness in the genuine connections we forged with the world around us.

Hobbies are dynamic, evolving as we journey through life. Reflecting on my own experiences, I’ve witnessed a transformation in my hobbies over time. Allow me to share my current and past pursuits:

I take delight in a diverse range of hobbies that bring me immense joy and a sense of fulfillment. I have loads of money!! (Just further). From my childhood days, I’ve been captivated by numismatics, the art of collecting and studying coins from various eras and regions. Each coin I possess, spanning from the 17th century to the latest editions, holds a treasured place in my collection. These remarkable artifacts provide a gateway to exploring history, culture, and the stories they hold.

Reading non-fiction books has long been a cherished pastime. While my focus has shifted towards research books and papers in recent times, my deep-rooted appreciation for knowledge remains unwavering. My passion for education and early childhood development was ignited by my mother, a Montessori teacher with decades of experience. Engaging in thoughtful discussions with my family about these subjects has become a favorite way to spend my time.

Additionally, my love for Indian cinema, particularly rooted and thought-provoking narratives, has become an integral part of my life (not a fan of fiction, series, or Hollywood movies). Beyond watching the movie, I love discussing and dissecting movies from various perspectives. (Fun fact: I have watched movies across the clock! Yes, 3 AM in a cinema hall was crazy.) I find immense value in immersing myself in master classes and interviews conducted by the esteemed cinema critic Baradwaj Rangan , as they provide unparalleled insights into the art of filmmaking.

I have a deep passion for food, and one of my favorite pastimes is indulging in food vlogs. It’s a guilty pleasure that my mother often teases me about with affection. I find myself engrossed in multiple YouTube channels dedicated to food vlogging, but there’s one that holds a special place in my heart: Food Lovers TV by Kripal. The way he meticulously savors a simple breakfast for an entire hour while articulating the experience is truly captivating. If you’re interested, you can check out his channel here. The sheer delight and passion he exudes make his vlogs an absolute joy to watch.

In my pursuit of an enriched and efficient life, programming has become a solace for me. Immersing myself in seemingly enjoyable programming projects, predominantly in C and Python, has become a source of both creativity and problem-solving. The process of coding and overcoming challenges brings me a profound sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. I have coded professionally for several years but it has reduced significantly now and I code primarily for fun these days.

Writing deep quotes has been a hobby that I wholeheartedly embraced for a significant period of my life (seven years, to be precise!) It became a tradition to send thought-provoking quotes, a combination of my own creations and carefully curated ones, as good night messages to my friends. This practice aimed to keep friends in connection, inspire introspection and foster meaningful reflections. Finding solace and expression through mandala art is yet another beloved hobby of mine. The intricacies of creating intricate patterns and harmonizing colors allow me to unwind, relax, and tap into my innate creativity.

These diverse hobbies collectively bring balance, enrichment, and hope to my life!

Parthasarathy PD
Parthasarathy PD
Product Accessibility Expert @
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